Thursday, December 18, 2014


I may not have mentioned it but I've been collaborating with an artist friend of mine based in Australia on a webcomic comic entitled "Chivalry". Previously it had been called "A last hurrah for chivalry"  but we discovered that it shared the name of a 1980 kung fu film directed by John Woo. Idea space is shared by more than one person it seems.

We decided it wanted to gear it towards teenagers, specifically from 12 years old and upwards as for the most part this ignored in favour of an aging 30+ fan audience by the intellectual property frams that are Marvel and DC entertainment. Children are one part, and an important part of the future of Western comics medium. 

So we put this book together and drew in elements of fantasy and science fiction making it a techno fantasy of sorts, all in and effort to keep the concept fresh and original. And what I hope we've come up with will gain a loyal following. It's been an experience for both me and my collaborator Steve Preston, me learning how to write comics and he, drawing things he's never had to draw before, and I've got to say I'm damn proud of every single page Steven's produced.

We recently finished the prelude to the story, a 12 pager available now on,  and in January we commence with the story proper.

I'm looking forward to what Steven pumps out. And I hope you are too.

Back to work.